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I wright english very bad,but I hope you'l try to help me) There is a problem: have one project that contains another 2 projects(that contains classes I using in main project),when try to compile-there are many fails,because main project couldn't find classes from that projects. I tried to add them from build phases->link binary with files-but it doesn't help me( Help me please with this problem!Thank you!

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You probably need to tell the compiler where to look for the files using the "Header Search Paths" in the project settings. – FreeAsInBeer Nov 2 '11 at 21:00

Try adding them as Target Dependencies instead.

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In Xcode 4, this is done through Workspaces. This is a fairly big topic, so I will just link you to Apple's high-level document and a blog post that walks through the process of setting one up.

Apple doc:


Good luck!

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