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I am using the following function to create a System.ServiceModel.EndpointAddress when connecting to a WCF Service:

private static EndpointAddress GetEndPointAddress(string url, EndpointIdentity identity)
    Uri baseAddress = new Uri(url);
    EndpointAddress endpointAddress = new EndpointAddress(
        new AddressHeaderCollection());
    return endpointAddress;

I need to pass in an EndPointIdentity that correlates with the following excerpt from my web.config:

  <dns value="Some Value" />

My WCF Service uses an X509 certificate, so it seems that my identity needs to be of type X509CertificateEndpointIdentity. The constructor for this requires me to pass in a certificate...but I want to pass it a dns value, as shown above.

Can anyone suggest what is wrong with my approach?

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In fact I needed to create a DnsEndpointIdentity, as follows:

DnsEndpointIdentity identity = new DnsEndpointIdentity("Some value");
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