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As ur experience, there are any way to do that? For example, i have a default layout, which loads when the user starts editing an empty document, something like this:

<h1>Sample heading</h1>
<p>Sample text</p>
<div class="something"></div>

Here, i want to have a control to prevent ppl starting to writing into the .something div. If possible, i want to disable the possibility to remove my predefined tags too.

Sorry for english, and thanks for the answers! :)

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First solution that i can think of is to hook all possible events that manipulate content, create document tree location aware logic and simply intercept and counter events which would edit areas described by your requirements as non-editable.

And im most curious if there is something easier then that.

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It's the only solution I've found that works so far, unfortunately. – david May 24 '13 at 21:13

For others finding this via search engines.

You can use the contenteditable attribute of HTML within a CKEditor document.


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This will work for preventing editing within the .something div, but unfortunately does not prevent removing said element if it's inside another contenteditable=true element. Even within the page you linked, it admits that in every browser except Firefox the element gets deleted. – david May 24 '13 at 21:50

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