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I follow following steps to display item. but when I pass values from report to form (step 7) it is passing only few characters? can anyone help me to resolve this?

1.Add a column to the SELECT statement of the report like this:

SELECT '' edit_link, -- This is the new column     ...

2.Go to the Report Attributes tab.

3.Move the new column EDIT_LINK to the top of the list of columns (if you want it to be first).

4.Click on the pencil and paper icon to the left of the EDIT_LINK alias to open the Column Attributes page.

5.Go to the Column Link section of the Column Attributes page.

6.Pick one of the icons shown as [Icon 1], [Icon 2], ... (alternatively you can use one of your own but that is more advanced).

7.Fill out the remaining Link fields to specify which page of your application you want to go to when the link is pressed and what values you will be passing in. Lists of values are supplied to help with this. For example, you might specify:

  • Page: 42
  • Item 1 Name: P42_EMPNO
  • Item 1 Value: #EMPNO#

(This would navigate to page 42, setting page item P42_EMPNO to the value of EMPNO in the current report row.)

8.Press the Apply Changes button.

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These are the exact steps you'd take to create more edit links, and it worked and works for me. You need to clarify your problem more: which empno do you click, what value do you see on your form page, what does your URL contain(fe: f?p=181:5:85696331592577::NO::P5_EMPNO:7499 means i clicked on empno 7499). Is this Apex 4.0, or earlier or newer... –  Tom Nov 3 '11 at 7:55
What is the string you are trying to pass? A string containing commas or colons or ampersands would fail unless they are escaped. –  Tony Andrews Nov 4 '11 at 13:35

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