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I am redesigning my website and in the process restructuring some of the linking structure.

To do the permanent redirects I am using the following code (.htaccess)

RedirectMatch permanent old-link($|\.html)

I am using a CMS and changing the link for a category changes the path of the url like so:


How should I code (.htaccess) the redirect of any URL that has




Thank you

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Not exactly sure what you are asking to be redirected to, but is it something like this?

RedirectMatch permanent old-category-link(.*)$1

This will make is so if someone requests:

  1. they will get redirected to
  2. they will get redirected to
  3. they will get redirected to
  4. they will get redirected to
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Yes, you understood my question. And yes, your response works. Thank you. – IberoMedia Nov 3 '11 at 1:07
Does this solution produce 301 response codes? – bkwdesign Feb 13 at 19:42
The "permanent" keyword is equivalent to "301" – Jon Lin Feb 14 at 1:10

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