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I encountered the following snippet about AOP. Can someone tell me what programming language is that?

  public aspect MyAspect
      // Define a pointcut matched by all methods in the application whose name begins with
      // Get and accepting no arguments. (There are many other ways to define criteria.)
      public pointcut allGetMethods ():
             call (* Get*() );

      // Define an advice to run before any join points that matches the specified pointcut.
      before(): allGetMethods()
        // Do your cross-cutting concern stuff here
        // for example, log about the method being executed

is it AspectJ? or there is no such laguage?

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AOP is not so much a "programming language" as a paradigm, and it does look like the pointcut-model (and syntax) used with AspectJ. However, since this is tagged .NET, see stackoverflow.com/questions/5574357/… –  user166390 Nov 2 '11 at 22:09

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Yes, this is AspectJ.

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