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I have the following markup.

         .DataKeys(keys => keys.Add(key => key.Id))
         .Columns(columns =>
                          columns.Bound(c => c.FullNameWithEmail).ClientTemplate("<#= FullNameWithEmail #>").Title("Name and Email").Width(230);
                          columns.Bound(c => c.Notes);
         .ClientEvents(events => events.OnRowDataBound("grid_onRowDataBound"))
         .DetailView(checkInAppGridDetails => checkInAppGridDetails.ClientTemplate("<# if (RelatedCount > 0) { #>" +

                                      .Name("GridDetails_<#= Id #>")
                                      .Columns(columns =>
                                          columns.Bound(c => c.FullNameWithEmail).ClientTemplate("<#= FullNameWithEmail #>").Title("Name and Email").Width(225);
                                          columns.Bound(c => c.Notes);
                                          columns.Bound(c => c.Actions).ClientTemplate("<#= Actions #>").Width(150);
                                      .ClientEvents(events => events.OnRowDataBound("GridDetails_onRowDataBound"))
                                      .DataBinding(dataBinding => dataBinding.Ajax()
                                          .Select("GetRelated", "Controller", new
                                              id = @ViewBag.EventKey,
                                              ticketId = "<#= Id #>"
                                      .ToHtmlString() +
              "<# } #>"

What i have here is that i am binding the main grid with Ajax call, and once rows got bound the details view gets bound with the DataBinding ajax call.

I already have in the Model a collection for the related records i wanted to show in the DetailView, i don't want the extra call to the server.

here is an example of the ViewModel

public class ViewModel
    public string FirstProperty {get; set;}
    public IEnumurable<ViewModel> RelatedRecords { get; set; }

Any idea how to bind the whole Grid with the DetailView with only single Ajax request?

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Just used telerik support example to fix this, and it worked very well.Telerik Post

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