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I'm getting below error:

[cycle] terminating; too few slides: 1

Below is the code for jQuery Cycle. I'm not sure why this is coming out in Chrome

var inners = $('ul#output li').cycle().cycle('stop');

        var slideshow = $('ul#output').cycle({
            fx: 'scrollHorz',
            speed: 300,
            timeout: 0,
            startingSlide: 0, 
            before: function() {

                // stop all inner slideshows

                // start the new slide's slideshow
                    fx: 'fade',
                    timeout: 1000,
                    autostop: true,
                    end: function() {
                        // when inner slideshow ends, advance the outer slideshow

                $("#tabs li a"),
                $("#output li"), {
                    start_item  :   0

What could be wrong?

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2 Answers 2

It is something with your first line:

var inners = $('ul#output li').cycle().cycle('stop');

You are trying to create .cicle() inside a .cicle(). If you try:

var inners = $('ul#output').cycle().cycle('stop');

It doesn't return any error.

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actually this error comes when your sliding elements Less than 2. if you want to run cycle plugin in single element also then go to


and find

if (els.length < 2) {
            log('terminating; too few slides: ' + els.length);

and change the condition limit to 1 like

if (els.length < 1) {
            log('terminating; too few slides: ' + els.length);

if you don't want run single element then you should put condition on your language side that render element if elements count > 2


Mudassar Ali

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