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I'm trying to integrate the solution listed here into my rails (3.1) application.

I have a basic form with some links at the bottom to load some sample data from a JSON file.


<%= form_for(@user) do |f| %>
  <div class="field">
    <%= f.label :name %><br />
    <%= f.text_field :name %>
  <div class="field">
    <%= f.label :email %><br />
    <%= f.text_field :email %>
<% end %>

<%= link_to "Load alice", "#" %>
<%= link_to "Load bob", "#" %>

public fixtures/sample.json

{ "name" : "alice", "email" : "alice@alice.com",
  "name" : "bob", "email" : "bob@bob.com" }

What would be the proper way to set up the links to load sample data into the form? I know I could just use an onclick event to call the js, but that would be very messy..

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Please check example here http://jsfiddle.net/8drhX/1/, instead of rendering links from rails I created them in javascript. It is more convenient way I think

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