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I want to take a div with a fieldset in it and make it jump to each corner of the screen when I click on a radio button corresponding to the corner in the HTML file. I thought about doing this by using jQuery to alter the CSS, but I'm not totally sure if I'm doing it right. I want to erase the top, left, right, bottom or whatever one isn't relevant (i.e.: top and right are the only ones I want if I'm putting it top right, the rest can be erased).

Here's my code, it's not working (jQuery):

//moves the fieldset to top left
$('topLeft').css('top', '0px').css('bottom', '').css('left', '0px').css('right', ''); 

//moves the fieldset to top right
$('topRight').css('top', '0px').css('bottom', '').css('left', '').css('right', '0px'); 

//moves the fieldset to bottom left
$('bottomLeft').css('top', '').css('bottom', '0px').css('left', '0px').css('right', ''); 

//moves the fieldset to bottom right
$('bottomRight').css('top', '').css('bottom', '0px').css('left', '').css('right', '0px');
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Use classes:

.topLeft     { top:    0;  left:  0}
.topRight    { top:    0;  right: 0}
.bottomLeft  { bottom: 0;  left:  0}
.bottomRight { bottom: 0;  right: 0}

And swap them:

$('#item').removeClass('topLeft topRight bottomLeft bottomRight');
$('#item').addClass('topLeft'); // Just an example.

You can chain the two functions. I just made them multiline for readability.

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