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I'm wondering what's the best way to make a class with the usual debug code (logs, prints, profiles, etc).

I don't like how it reads when I have to instantiate a new debug object each time I want to log something. A global object doesn't look better.

Any thoughts?

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Umm, what are you talking about? :) Are you talking about a framework or what? –  Mārtiņš Briedis Nov 2 '11 at 23:56
Install xdebug and use a code profiler? –  Stoosh Nov 3 '11 at 0:01
No, I used debug as an example of a set of tools used across all other classes. In this case is a small class that have methods like log() –  MZAweb Nov 3 '11 at 0:08

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Use static methods. Static methods do not require instantiation of an object to execute them.

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Yes, thought about that... but you'll loose the ability to use non-static properties (to configure the debugger, etc) –  MZAweb Nov 3 '11 at 0:07
@Rabine: Those static (or alternatively just global) functions can refer to an object instance they know of. –  hakre Nov 3 '11 at 0:16

Apart from using static methods, you can avoid outputting PHP parse errors and such using the set_error_handler() and set_exception_handler() functions, and defining a function (for each one) written in PHP to handle those errors.

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You can use Singleton pattern. in singleton pattern, instantiation is automatically restricted to once. that is, one class has one and only one instance. please visit the following link:


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