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I have a model which gets its data from a parser object. I'm thinking that the parser class should live in the lib/ directory (although I could be persuaded that it should live soewhere else). The question is: Where should my unit tests for the parser class be? And how do I ensure that they are run each time I run rake test?

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In the Rails application I'm working on, I decided to just place the tests in the test\unit directory. I will also nest them by module/directory as well, for example:

lib/a.rb   => test/unit/a_test.rb
lib/b/c.rb => test/unit/b/c_test.rb

For me, this was the path of last resistance, as these tests ran without having to make any other changes.

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Here's one way:

Create lib/tasks/test_lib_dir.rake with the following

namespace :test do

  desc "Test lib source" do |t|    
    t.libs << "test"
    t.pattern = 'test/lib/**/*_test.rb'
    t.verbose = true    


Mimic the structure of your lib dir under the test dir, replacing lib code with corresponding tests.

Run rake test:lib to run your lib tests.

If you want all tests to run when you invoke rake test, you could add the following to your new rake file.

lib_task = Rake::Task["test:lib"]
test_task = Rake::Task[:test]
test_task.enhance { lib_task.invoke }
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Somehow it doesn't load up the environment (specifically ActiveSupport's fixtures), and there's not way to force it in rakefile. – phil pirozhkov May 18 '12 at 14:45
Hey, I tried your solution and rake test:lib runs my test, but rake test does not. I copied it verbatim. Here's a link to my file contents: Thanks in advance! – robert Aug 3 '14 at 16:22

I was looking to do the same thing but with rspec & autospec and it took a little digging to figure out just where they were getting the list of directories / file patterns that dictated which test files to run. Ultimately I found this in lib/tasks/rspec.rake:86

  [:models, :controllers, :views, :helpers, :lib, :integration].each do |sub|
    desc "Run the code examples in spec/#{sub}" => spec_prereq) do |t|
      t.spec_opts = ['--options', "\"#{RAILS_ROOT}/spec/spec.opts\""]
      t.spec_files = FileList["spec/#{sub}/**/*_spec.rb"]

I had placed my tests in a new spec/libs directory when the rpsec.rake file was configured to look in spec/lib. Simply renaming libs -> lib did the trick!

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I have /lib by default in my project somehow. Unfortunately rake test does't catch up the files, so this is RSpec-only and I have to use the solution above. – phil pirozhkov May 18 '12 at 13:47

An easy and clean way is just to create a directory under test/unit/lib. Then create test as test/unit/lib/foo_test.rb corresponding to lib/foo.rb. No new rake tasks required, and you can nest more directories if needed to match the lib directory structure.

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As of Rails 4.0:

rake test:all         # Run all tests in any subdir of `test` without resetting the DB
rake test:all:db      # Same as above and resets the DB

As of Rails 4.1, redefine test:run to include additional tasks when running rake or rake test:

# lib/tasks/test.rake

namespace :test do
  task run: ["test:units", "test:functionals", "test:generators", "test:integration", "test:tasks"]

  ["tasks"].each do |name| => "test:prepare") do |t|
      t.pattern = "test/#{name}/**/*_test.rb"

This has the added bonus of defining rake test:tasks in the given example.

As of Rails 4.2, test:run includes all subdirs of test including them when running rake test, and thus rake.

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To not define additional rake tasks to run tests from the custom defined folders you may also run them with the command rake test:all. Tests folders structure for the lib folder or any other custom folder is up to you. But I prefer to duplicate them in classes: lib is matched to test/lib, app/form_objects to test/form_objects.

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[spring] rake test:all

to run all tests, including the directories you created (like [root]/test/lib/).

Omit [spring] if tou aren't using it.

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rake aborted! Don't know how to build task 'test:all' – Intentss Nov 11 '14 at 21:29

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