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I want to write trigger. When there is an entry in table1, table2 should get inserted with same values. And in some field in table1 is updated then respective field must get updated in table2. How can I know whether value is inserted or updated?

I am using inserted to insert value.

Please guide me.

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Here is how you will know whether a value is inserted or updated in a trigger like this:

  • on INSERT, the inserted dynamic table is populated with the new values
  • on UPDATE, the inserted dynamic table is populated with the new values of the records that were updated, and the deleted dynamic table is poulated with the old values of the records that were updated

So basically, if the deleted table contains the id (assuming you have an id column) as in the inserted table, you can be assured that it was an UPDATE that caused the trigger. If the deleted table is empty, conversely, it was an INSERT.

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I have written After INSERT,UPDATE and I am using inserted dynamic tabel is it correct? – user998533 Nov 3 '11 at 1:31
@user998533 as per my answer, you need to use both inserted and deleted tables in your trigger to truly know whether the trigger happen from INSERT or UPDATE. Make sense? – user596075 Nov 3 '11 at 1:32
I have written like thiscreate trigger TestTrigger on table1 after insert,update as insert into table2 select * from inserted go here... from inserted is there so I should write from inserted,deleted... right????? – user998533 Nov 3 '11 at 1:37
@user998533 can you show me the CREATE TABLE batches for table1 and table2? I'll write the trigger to show you my train of thought. Please edit your question to include this. – user596075 Nov 3 '11 at 1:45

use this trigger to solve your problem.. create TRIGGER [dbo].[insert_Assets_Tran]
ON [dbo].[AssetMaster]

SELECT @isnum = COUNT(*) FROM inserted;

IF (@isnum = 1)
INSERT INTO AssetTransaction
select [AssetId],[Brandname],[SrNo],[Modelno],[Processor],[Ram],[Hdd],[Display],[Os],[Office],[Purchasedt] ,[Expirydt],[Vendor],[VendorAMC],[Typename],[LocationName],[Empid],[CreatedBy],[CreatedOn],[ModifiedBy] ,[ModifiedOn],[Remark],[AssetStatus],[Category],[Oylstartdt],[Oylenddt],[Configuration] ,[AStatus],[Tassign]

FROM inserted;
RAISERROR('some fields not supplied', 16, 1)

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