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I'm having a problem using graph API. My program worked perfectly until two months ago. And yesterday I ran my program, and it suddenly fails to call graph API. My server uses HttpPost object to make httpPost request. When I copy-paste the exact same request URL to the web browser, it receives corrent JSON response,(so I don't think a token or url is the problem) but when it comes to HttpPost, it fails and get HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden response.

I may have changed my server configuration, but I can't remember. Has Graph API changed for last two months? I need help.

Any idea?

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Although very unlikely, maybe your server exceeded the requests limitation rate ?

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Be sure to pull the response. Facebook will usually detail the reason in the response.

If you can't pull the response directly be sure to run an HTTP debug utility, like HTTP Debugger*, to pull the enable you to send real HTTP posts and see the responses.

  • A free or open source tool may exist. I have used this one with success, but I'm not advocating it as the only tool.
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Thanks. I solved this problem by using get method instead of post method. Thanks :) –  ryejoon Nov 3 '11 at 7:17

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