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I need to use javaCC to parse a data file like:

//This is comment to skip

//This is also comment to skip

//student Table


header:( 1 //name 2 //age ) { "John" 21 } { "Jack" "22" }


//The following is teacher table, this line is also comment to skip

//Teacher Table


header:( 1 //name 2 //age 3 //class ) { "Eric" 31 "English" } { "Jasph" "32" "History" }


Here I need to fetch data from "student" and "teacher" tables, there are also some other tables formatted like above. Data exported from "student" table is:

Table Name: student

name age

John 21

Jack 22

That is I need to skip comments like: "//This is also comment to skip", but need to keep the tokens like: "//student Table", "//Teacher Table", "//name", "//age" etc. How to write such SKIP expression? Thanks.

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Change the format of your data. You're making your life so much harder by allowing data to "look" like a comment. – Bart Kiers Nov 23 '11 at 16:26

Slightly late, but you might be looking at it wrong.

Surely in your case, // isn't really a comment, it is part of the syntax you are parsing. It just happens that sometimes the bit following // is irrelevant.

I would parse the comments and decide which ones to discard in your Java code.

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