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How to import local packages in Golang + GAE?

I wanna something like this:


Listing of my_app.go:

package my_app

import (

func init() {
  http.HandleFunc("/", package1.index)

Listing of package1.go:

package package1

import (

func index (w http.ResponseWriter, r * http.Request) {
  fmt.Fprint(w, "I'm index page =) ")

I this case I have an error like:

/path/to/project/my_app/my_app.go:5: can't find import: ./package1
2011/11/03 10:50:51 go-app-builder: Failed building app: failed running 6g: exit status 1

Thanks for help.

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You either need to link or copy the packages to your application directory. The path relative to the root of the application directory should match the import path. To use package1, you should configure your app directory to look like this:



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For a real live example check which uses the external Mustache lib. – harm Nov 4 '11 at 11:25
Unfortunately, you're wrong. I've found answer on my question. If I wanna add package into my_app/package1, I should write import "my_app/package1". Thanks for answer. – Rusfearuth Nov 5 '11 at 16:32
hay I'm wrong oups. Please note the "you should" in my respond as, this is what I would do in-place of mixing the package1 import with my_app – dupoxy Nov 5 '11 at 20:17

As noted in the comments to dupoxy's answer, the way to import a local package in the given situation is to import as "my_app/package1":

import (
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Note however that you can then not compile/run your program like normal because a relative import path like that will not work outside of GAE. You can make a "hybrid" app with a +build !appengine build flag on a main.go file (for example) that then imports using the full package path. Then your GAE go file would have the opposite, +build appengine to exclude it from the normal go build process. It's a little annoying but works. – Tom Sep 24 '14 at 16:21

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