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It seems like a bug in icefaces. Most of the forums(in 2008/9, I could not find any recent answers in forums) says some solutions to over come this, but none of them give a solution which we can add columns widths as percentages. So what I like to know is, is there a way that we can over come this.

Description of the problem When we add a scroll to a datatable, the headers widths become mess. And there's a solution that we can add fixed widths in pixel (columnWidths attribute). But it is not supported in percentage. So I am asking is there a better solution for this. Because I want the datatable widths to be changed from screens to screen(different sizes)

please help

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You could create a profile of column widths to match the entities that you want to display in your backing bean.

As icefaces does not support the column widths yet.

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