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I have to pass a null value for a parameter through an xml configuration file to a function in the following forms

but in the value field I have to pass null as the value I an not able to canvass anything on the internet that allows me to pass null please help how do I pass null to the parameter.

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It depends on how the XML is being parsed when it is received. If you are in control of the schema, a logical approach would be to simply omit the <value> element, and implement the parsing code to recognize the missing element as a null value.

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While not talked about much... there is xsi:nil, consider it's use in .NET:

  <option name="foo" xsi:nil="true"/>
  <option name="bar">quux</option>
  <option name="qaaz"></option>

For instance, this might result in foo -> null, bar -> "quux", and qaaz -> "". Of course, it could have just as well been isNull="true" or encoded entirely differently....

...so the real question is related to "what doesn't" allow the use of null, because it can be encoded any which way, so long as everyone agrees.

Happy coding.

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