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I have been using JMeter in GUI mode for composing all the test cases required for load testing my service but for actual testing I need to execute tests in non-GUI mode. How do I save the results of Aggregate report in csv file using command-prompt.

Thanks in advance.

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Just as alternative: you may do this directly from the Aggregate Report listener.

1. set filename/template for results file:

resultsFile = ${__property(user.dir)}${__BeanShell(File.separator,)}result_${__time(yyyyMMdd-HHmmss)}.csv

2. configure Aggregate Report listener as shown below:

enter image description here

CSV-file generated in this case will differ from generated via GUI/"Save Table Data" one.

If it is not acceptable you'll better use method with JMeterPluginsCMD from previous answer:

java -jar JMeterPluginsCMD.jar --generate-csv aggregateResults.csv --input-jtl testResults.jtl --plugin-type AggregateReport
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Your first answer (up to "If it is not acceptable...") does not make any sense - it is just writing tests results (like from View Results Tree) and have nothing in common with Aggregate Report itself. –  Konrad Kokosa Feb 2 at 15:26

Use JMeterPluginsCMD tool with Plugin Type = AggregateReport

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