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Is this any way to find selected record key value of selected item of datalist?

What is am doing is

  protected void dlstSelectedImages_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
        int indexId = Convert.ToInt32(dlstSelectedImages.DataKeys[dlstSelectedImages.SelectedIndex]);


But my datalist SelectedIndexChanged is not firing (Itried with: View State="Enable", AutoEventWireup="true", AutopostBack="true" for firing the event ), so Is there anyother way to get the SelectedIndexChanged id or selected record key value

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You should be able to call dlstSelectedImages.SelectedIndex at any time to get the currently selected index. It doesn't have to reside in an SelectedIndexChanged event handler. SelectedIndex is zero based and its default value is -1.

The SelectedIndexChanged event fires whenever the selected index changes (i.e. whenever SelectedIndex is assigned a new value). Typically, this would be on an ItemCommand or some other event:

  void Item_Command(Object sender, DataListCommandEventArgs e) 
     // Set the SelectedIndex property to select an item in the DataList.
     dlstSelectedImages.SelectedIndex = e.Item.ItemIndex;

     // Rebind the data source to the DataList to refresh the control.
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