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I am writing a python script to read data from an excel sheet using xlrd. Few of the cells of the the work sheet are highlighted with different color and I want to identify the color code of the cell. Is there any way to do that ? An example would be really appreciated.

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Here is one way to handle this:

import xlrd
book = xlrd.open_workbook("sample.xls", formatting_info=True)
sheets = book.sheet_names()
print "sheets are:", sheets
for index, sh in enumerate(sheets):
    sheet = book.sheet_by_index(index)
    print "Sheet:",
    rows, cols = sheet.nrows, sheet.ncols
    print "Number of rows: %s   Number of cols: %s" % (rows, cols)
    for row in range(rows):
        for col in range(cols):
            print "row, col is:", row+1, col+1,
            thecell = sheet.cell(row, col)      
            # could get 'dump', 'value', 'xf_index'
            print thecell.value,
            xfx = sheet.cell_xf_index(row, col)
            xf = book.xf_list[xfx]
            bgx = xf.background.pattern_colour_index
            print bgx

More info on the Python-Excel Google Group.

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The script is able to identify color code. But now I am getting a different problem. The excel sheet which I am parsing has two empty cells without any extra formatting or color, that is, both of the cells has white background and no text inside, at the position - (52,4) and (9,4). In first case, color is 64 and the for the other one it is 9. How is the color code different for two similar type of cells? – Kinjal Nov 3 '11 at 14:06
Are you sure you don't have one blank and another no fill? – JMax Nov 3 '11 at 14:37
Colour index 9 means white unless the palette has been changed. 61 is a "system" colour index; read the section about colour indexes near the start of the xlrd docs. "empty", "white" and "no text inside" are vague. Tell us the cell type, value, and xf_index. Use repr(value). You may have default formatting applied to column 4; what does sheet.colinfo_map[4].xf_index give you? – John Machin Nov 7 '11 at 10:43
I finally managed to differentiate if a cell is highlighted or not. The check is done by finding cell’s color map. Here is the code: book = xlrd.open_workbook("sample.xls", formatting_info=1) xfx = sheet.cell_xf_index(row, col) xf = book.xf_list[xfx] bgx = xf.background.pattern_colour_index color_map = book.colour_map[bgx] if color_map and (color_map[0] != 255 or color_map[1] != 255 or color_map[2] != 255): #worksheet Cell is highlighted else: #worksheet Cell is not highlighted So, if none of values in tuple is 255, that means the cell is highlighted. – Kinjal Nov 30 '11 at 15:47

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