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I want to handle multiple ajax responses. Each request will take different time to complete.

Some request might be success and some might be failure . How to know which request is

success or failure ?

can anyone help me out to this one?

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Here is the solution,

    var requestCount = 5,
    requestComplete = 0,
    onAjaxComplete = function () {

        if (requestComplete >= requestCount) {
            // all ajax requests complete

for (var i=0; i<requestCount; i++) {
        // @todo: ajax request config
        success: function () {onAjaxComplete();},
        failure: function () {onAjaxComplete();}
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You can use JQuery $.ajax(..)


  url: "test.html",
  context: document.body,
  success: function(){
  statusCode: {
    404: function() {
      alert('page not found');
    200: function() {
      alert('OK !');

or generar Error callback error : {}

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