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I have created a plugin project in eclipse to create a new category and view. I run the MANIFEST.MF file as an eclipse application which opens a new eclipse window and I can see my plugin take affect. However, I want the plugin to be part of my standard eclipse installation.

For this I have exported the project to a jar, put the jar in the plugins folder and restarted eclipse. But I cannot see the changes take affect. I have also tried running eclipse from the command prompt with -clean option to force eclipse to search for new plugins. I have also tried putting the jar file in the dropins folder and restarting but nothing is working.

Any idea on what I might be missing ? I know the other option is to create feature but I wanted to understand what is wrong or missing in my approach.

Regards, Dev

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Try starting Eclipse with OSGI console (eclipse -console) and see if it gives any errors or warnings.

See this answer on SO.

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The commands you would want to run in the console are: ss to list all plugins that have been found and diag <name/number of the plugin> –  Fredrik Nov 3 '11 at 8:47
Hello Hemal...thanks a lot for your guidance, it really helped. The problem was that my manifest file was corrupt, so corrected it. Thanks once again. –  user496934 Nov 3 '11 at 9:59

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