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Given an application, how can I measure

  • the amount of data read and written by that application?
  • the time spent reading/writing to disk?

The specific application is Java-based (JBoss), and multi-threaded, and running as a service on Windows 7/2008 x64.

The overall goal I have is determining whether and why file access is a bottleneck in my application. Therefore, running the application in a defined and repeatable scenario is a given.

File access may be local as well as on network shares.

Windows performance monitor appears to be too hard to use (unless someone can point me to a helpful explanation).

Any ideas?

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You can try timeit, if I'm not mistaken it could give I/O time as well as process time.

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Thanks for the pointer, but apparently timeit doesn't work on current Windows anymore, and the Powershell "Measure-Command" only gives total time, the file information seems gone. –  stmoebius Nov 3 '11 at 8:49
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Looks like Windows Performance Analyzer is the tool that can do (most of) what I need.

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