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I'm trying to insert a blob which includes only 0 and 1. But it isn't working. First I'mm getting a bitmap, converting to binary image. After that I want to insert to database as blob. But the database's row is empty. Here the code is;

        byte[] byteimage = new byte[length << 2];
        for (int di=0; di<144; di++) {
             int x = retpix[di];
             int j = di << 2;
             byteimage[j++] = (byte) ((x >>> 0) & 0xff);           
             byteimage[j++] = (byte) ((x >>> 8) & 0xff);
             byteimage[j++] = (byte) ((x >>> 16) & 0xff);
             byteimage[j++] = (byte) ((x >>> 24) & 0xff); 
        String PutName = "imagearray";
        cv.put(PutName, byteimage);
        db.insert("IMAGES", null, cv);
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Why not Base64 encode your bitmap (or any byte array) and insert that instead. SQLite prefers text.

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