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I installed new SDK for android development. Now when I open Layout XML file for editing..its not showing Graphical Layout tab along with source. Its showing Design and Source tab.

I am not able to view graphical layout.

Before updating SDK

Updated SDK Issue


Android IT

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I am facing the same Problem. And have solve the issue. see this: stackoverflow.com/questions/7708574/… – iDroid Explorer Dec 7 '11 at 7:07
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This happens to me occasionally. I just right click the xml layout file and choose "Open With... Android Layout Editor". It seems to then fix itself until the next time.

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Do this:

Delete project, without deleting the source files

File>Import>Existing Projects into Workspace,and select your project

problem fixed!

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Take a look on your Eclipse at : Window-->Preferences-->Editors-->File Associations-->.*XML--->set this as Default one---->ok

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Thanks, I set .xml file default editor to Android layout Editor. Its showing the Graphical Layout tab now but showing noting in that. Layout and Palette thing is empty. – Android_IT Nov 3 '11 at 9:12

Exact problem is described here.

Solution: Right click on XML file, select open with -> Android Layout Editor.

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Just Do it.

Right click on the XMLcode layout and then select opneWith Layout editor. It will show the Graphical Layout Editor for your Application and now you are able to see the GrapgicalLayout on Your every Application that have coded by XML code.

Enjoy. . :)

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Another "fix" is to copy everything in the .xml to clipboard, then delete everything in the file, add some item in graphical view(should work now), then go back to ext editor and paste your old layout.

sounds stupid, but works sometimes.

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"Right click on XML file, select open with -> Android Layout Editor."

In my case it not working.

new soluzion: create new project in new workspace.

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you should post in comment. – pawan Feb 17 '14 at 18:34

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