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when I open vim with a session (gvim -S), I always need to readjust the buffers' widths and heights. Is there a way to save the widht and height infos into the session ?

Also, how can I start gvim with gvim's window expanded to the screen's full width (ubuntu)? Thanks

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Do you still get the problem if you start vim with gvim -u NONE, save a session file and then load it with gvim -u NONE -S session_file? If not, you probably have a plugin which is interfering with the session-file behaviour. –  Prince Goulash Nov 3 '11 at 9:32

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On my ubuntu machine, widths and heights were screwed up because gvim would open in a non-maximized window.

I solved this by using devilspie which automatically opens gvim in maximized mode.

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You could try this

set sessionoptions+=resize

In your .vimrc

It add the resize options to the sessionpotions (:help sessionoptions)

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