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I am following a tutorial but it does not say how to configure your FF to use the proxy?
I go to Edit -> Preferences -> Network Tab -> Click on Settings -> Manual proxy configuration.

What do I type in HTTP Proxy and No Proxy for?
I checked the "Use this proxy server for all protocols"?

I have typed in the ip address of the server where my website is hosted and used port 80, I typed in localhost, into the "No Proxy for" box.

I have set up jmeter according to the tutorial.

I then press start on jmeter and open my website and log in.
I then press stop and nothing happens in the jmeter left pane?

Thank you.

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Ensure that Target Controller for ProxyServer set correctly (HTTP Proxy Server):

enter image description here

...or use better guides:
JMeter proxy Step-by-step
JMeter 101: Using HTTP Proxy to Record your Test

Maybe you also find useful any FF addon like SwitchProxy Tool or FoxyProxy for quick enable/disable proxy.

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all sorted thank you – charlie_cat Nov 3 '11 at 12:50

Follow the instructions for configuring JMeter and your browser:

This pdf document contains a section named "Configure your browser to use the JMeter Proxy" from where you can get guidance for configuring FF to use JMeter (specially for recording tests)

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