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i got a tricky one:

look At Breakpoints, they are crossed out!

I can't set valid breakpoints. Not in Tests, neither in my Java Classes. I searched Stackoverflow and google, but I couldn't find anybody with the same problem.

I'm using STS(x86) and Maven.

Edit: It may seem confusing but I solved it by myself. I have to go Run-> Skip all Breakpoints (it was set, and I wonder how it was set, because I didn't do it)

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There is a menu entry you have discovered for yourself that toggles the skipping of all breakpoints. There is also an icon for this in the "Breakpoints" View, and there may be a hot-key defined as well, all of which you may have triggered by accident.

Take a look at the Run -> Skip All Breakpoints.

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I have to commit that I didn't use debugger since I switched to sts. I searched hotkeys and at skipping was no hotkey set. Like it was default setup from STS which I don't belive. What ever, I hope my post can help other users, if they got the same problem. –  MartinL Nov 3 '11 at 10:17
I had skipped all breakpoints one day in my efforts to clear all breakpoints, I had forgotten about this! Thanks for the eye opener! –  Aadi Droid Sep 26 '13 at 4:53

1) Run => Skip all breakpoints. 2) Run => remove all break points.

and then your debugger wont show cross sign and will keep debugging your app.

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