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I want to put two tables (on the same page) which should render differently (i.e. use different CSS for each table). Is it possible?

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Assign different CSS classes to each? – trojanfoe Nov 3 '11 at 8:54
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In your html

<table class="table1">

<table class="table2">


In your css:

table.table1 {...}
table.table1 tr {...}
table.table1 td {...}

table.table2 {...}
table.table2 tr {...}
table.table2 td {...}
share|improve this answer like this code i m creating two table but i want to put different style for different table,can u tell me how? – Meghna Apr 24 '14 at 17:55

Of course, just assign seperate css classes to both tables.

<table class="style1"></table>
<table class="style2"></table>


table.style1 { //your css here}
table.style2 { //your css here}
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You need to assign different classes to each table.

Create a class in CSS with the dot '.' operator and write your properties inside each class. For example,

.table1 {
//some properties

.table2 {
//Some other properties

and use them in your html code.

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<table id="table1"></table>
<table id="table2"></table>


<table class="table1"></table>
<table class="table2"></table>
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Of course it is!

Give them both an id and set up the CSS accordingly:

    CSS for table1

    CSS for table2
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