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I have a problem with grep in R:

patterns= c("AB_(1)","AB_(2)")
text= c("AB_(1)","DDD","CC")

>integer(0)  ????

the grep command has problem with "()" brackets, is there any as.XX(patterns[1]) that I can use??

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JFI, brackets () in regexps are used to extract matched substrings. see ?gsub, Examples section. –  Max Nov 3 '11 at 9:33

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You need escape by double backslash:

> patterns= c("AB_\\(1\\)","AB_(2)")
> text= c("AB_(1)","DDD","CC")
> grep(patterns[1],text)
[1] 1
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@user170322. There is also a bit different way. If patterns are just plain text (as seems likely), parameter fixed of grep could be very useful (so, providing fixed=TRUE and not escaping () with double backslash –  Max Nov 3 '11 at 9:47

If there are no special pattern matching characters in the regular expression (as is the case in the example shown in the question) then use fixed=TRUE:

grep(patterns[1], text, fixed = TRUE)
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