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I have an application with activities back stack A -> B -> C -> D -> E. Now at activity E, I want to know the back stack activities that I navigated from. How do I find this??

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The code below can be used to extract all the tasks and the top activity within each task in the back stack

ActivityManager m = (ActivityManager) ctx.getSystemService( ctx.ACTIVITY_SERVICE );
List<RunningTaskInfo> runningTaskInfoList =  m.getRunningTasks(10);
Iterator<RunningTaskInfo> itr = runningTaskInfoList.iterator();
    RunningTaskInfo runningTaskInfo = (RunningTaskInfo)itr.next();
    int id = runningTaskInfo.id;
    CharSequence desc= runningTaskInfo.description;
    int numOfActivities = runningTaskInfo.numActivities;
    String topActivity = runningTaskInfo.topActivity.getShortClassName();
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This is not the same as the back stack - the back stack can involve multiple activities within the same task. I don't think there is a way to do what the OP is asking. –  Michael Smith Jan 23 '12 at 23:11
Also this needs GET_TASK permission –  for3st May 22 '14 at 10:47

You can use "adb shell dumpsys activity activities" command

for reference http://www.onsandroid.com/2015/01/find-back-stack-activities-in-android.html

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I'm not sure i get it well...You want to go back to the previous activity ? If so, finish the current activity you'll get back to the previous one.

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i want to find that at activity E, i've navigated from A,B,C,D something like this –  azzits Nov 3 '11 at 9:29
Okay then, Rajdeep Dua has the answer. :P –  Quentin DOMMERC Nov 3 '11 at 9:40

actually, you can get the task id from the runningtaskinfo using getRunningTasks and then, get the recenttaskinfo using getRecentTasks by compare the task id. now you can restart that activity using startactivity, with the baseintent in the recenttaskinfo.

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As getRunningTasks(..) has been deprecated or if you don't want to add special permissions to your app here is an alternative solution if all activities are yours: you can mark an identifier (not the activity itself is it may be in need to be garbage collected) in a singleton Stack, LinkedList or LinkedHashSet: in onPause() add the identifier to the stack and remove it in onResume().

You can check the contents of that stacks to know if there is any activity and the sequence they have been created.

You can clean up your code and forget to do that manually if all your activities derive from a common base activity for your app.

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