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I am integrating TinyMCE (jQuery edition) into a very legacy system (think pre-AJAX). One of the requirements is I need to reload the page when the user clicks outside the editor (don't ask... assume it's needed for now).

I have this working when the user clicks outside the Iframe editor. However, the TinyMCE toolbar buttons are outside the editor too, and certain ones (involving drop-downs or modal windows) also invoke the 'blur' event.

Is there a work-around, or an alternative event I can use? I've crawled through the TinyMCE docs, but there doesn't seem to be a hook covering the entire editor.

I have put together a JSFiddle demo at with instructions on how to see the issue.

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you can have id's for the Elements & put all textarea elements

then in myfunc(e)

you can get the id of the Element Clicked by using var and then apply conditions accordingly that if any element in textarea is clicked e.preventDefault() else alert('changed);

This should work.

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You could simply use this :

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this will fire when the toolbar is clicked! – Thariama Nov 3 '11 at 14:37

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