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This is my code

<fb:serverFbml style="width: 760px;">
<script type="text/fbml">
type="Invite Form"
content="<fb:req-choice url='http://www.MyDomain.com/folder/index.php' label='Accept' />"

If i have action="http://www.MyDomain.com/folder/invite.php" then it posts array of friends invited in invite.php page, but it takes user outside facebook interface. If i have action="http://apps.facebook.com/MyAPP/invite.php" then it stays in facebook interface but loads a blank page for invite.php. Any idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance Regards Nik

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Have you tried using a relative path rather than the full URL? EG if you're already in your app at http://apps.facebook.com/MyAPP/, try just invite.php as the URL –  Coulton Nov 3 '11 at 10:28
well tried that but then i get error which says "serverfbml 'action' attribute must be within the application's connect url" :( –  theniks Nov 3 '11 at 12:59
Damn I searched and tried several things but :( No use. Any one got any update? –  theniks Nov 7 '11 at 8:06

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It looks like if I have action=apps.facebook.com/MyAPP/invite.php then <fb:request-form> doesn't post the ids array to the page. So I tried action="MyDomain.com/folder/invite.php"; and it gave me the ids in and array which I stored in a session and then have this page redirect the user back to apps.facebook.com/MyAPP. There I checked the number array processed it the way I wanted. Not sure this is best way to go about it though.

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Please use the preview pane to make sure your posts are formatted correctly. About 75% of your post was completely cut off because the <fb:request-form> tag was not formatted as code. –  eldarerathis Nov 8 '11 at 17:39

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