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As everyone knows, we are NOT allowed to modify the Adsense PHP script as it is a TOS violation.

One of the sites I work on is mobile, and the Adsense Mobile Ad creation for Device type "All Phones" does NOT give you the option for "Alternate ad" for some strange reason, yet over 20% of my impressions are NOT displaying an Ad "(Unmatched ad requests)".

There is no Adsense support, and I couldn't find any solution to this issue online.

However, I've noticed that when no Adsense for Mobile ad is displayed, Google just echo's <!-- google_afm -->. So all I need to do to force-display an Alternative Ad is to find out when Google echo's <!-- google_afm --> and then just display the alternate myself.

Now, this would be VERY easy to do if I could alter the Adsense PHP code in the following line:

echo fread($google_ad_handle, 8192);

But again, that would be a violation of the TOS and I would risk getting Banned.

Since I am doing an include of this script, is there anyway to determine in PHP what was the last thing echo'd by a script?

If not, then are there any other alternatives you can suggest for me to be able to display alternative ads so that I don't waste over 20% of my impressions?

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  include "adsense_script.php";
  $output = ob_get_clean();
  if (substr($output,-19) == '<!-- google_afm -->') {
    // display alternate here

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You can use output buffering control. For example:

$data = ob_get_contents();
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You can use output buffering, like with the include:

     * include_get_contents
     * include a file and return it's output
     * @param string $path filename of include
     * @return string
    function include_get_contents($path)
        return ob_get_clean();
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