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I have a problem and hope you can help me out. I have thousands and thousands of data that I importing in my database. I use MongoDB and Node.js for it. The problem is that I need to save the order while importing the data. And it also should be possible to sort this data later on, or to sort in something new. I hope you can understand what I mean.

I thought to create a sort-"column" with indexes like this:

1000 | Data1 2000 | Data2 3000 | Data3 ...

So I have 1000 indexes in between each of them, to sort new data later on. But I don´t like this limitation.

So I thought about another variant. To increase the characters instead of numbers, like this:

A | Data1 B | Data2 D | Data3 ... ZA | Data27 ZB | Data28 ZC | Data29 ...

But in this solution is it quite hard to sort new data in and also need a lot of space.

Are there another solutions for this problem? Can you give me some advice or some keywords to look for.

Thank you

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How would you like decimal numbers? 1.0 | Data1, 2.0 | Data2... In case, the precision is no longer sufficient, you could simply widen the column.

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