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How can I bind the + and - keys to commands in Tcl/Tk?

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For this particular problem:

set foo "t:"
pack [label .l -textvar foo]
bind . <Key-plus> {append foo "+"}
bind . <Key-KP_Add> {append foo "(+)"}
bind . <Key-minus> {append foo "-"}
bind . <Key-KP_Subtract> {append foo "(-)"}

But in general you can find the key name by running "xev" and pressing that key.

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Alternatively, start wish, run bind . <Key> {puts %K} in it and then press the necessary keys in the wish window--it will print the corresponding "keysyms" on the console. This is cross-platform compared to xev only found in X Window. – kostix Nov 3 '11 at 14:27

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