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i just created my own library on this folder (application/library) and following all steps to create individual library,

once i load this library in my controller it execute the function, but when trying to pass it to the view, nothing return

here is my code


<?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

    class Common {

            public function date_arabic()
            echo $daysarabic[$date['wday']].' '.$date['mday'].' '.$monarabic[$date['mon']].' '.$date['year']/*.' الوقت الأن '.$date['hours'].':'.$date['minutes'].':'.$date['seconds']*/;


MY Controller

    //arabic date

here it prints out the data in my own function, i tried to store this in a $data to pass it to the view like that

    //arabic date
    $data['date_arabic'] = $this->common->date_arabic();

    $this->load->view('home_page.php', $data);

then when going to view i just type

<?php echo $date_arabic ; ?>

but nothing returned

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In your function, change the last line from this:

echo $daysarabic[$date['wday']].' '.$date['mday'].' '.$monarabic[$date['mon']].' '.$date['year']/*.' الوقت الأن '.$date['hours'].':'.$date['minutes'].':'.$date['seconds']*/;

to this:

return $daysarabic[$date['wday']].' '.$date['mday'].' '.$monarabic[$date['mon']].' '.$date['year']/*.' الوقت الأن '.$date['hours'].':'.$date['minutes'].':'.$date['seconds']*/;
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many thanks, it works great for me –  ahmedsaber111 Nov 4 '11 at 7:42

you should try this:



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already i used this guide to do it ... –  ahmedsaber111 Nov 3 '11 at 11:57
when you are writing libraries, you have to manually grab the Codeigniter instance like this

$CI =& get_instance();

then you would use $CI where you would normally use $this to interact with loaded codeigniter resources


instead of

you would write



class Examplelib {

    // declare your CI instance class-wide private
    private $CI;

    public function __construct()
        // get the CI instance and store it class wide
        $this->CI =& get_instance();

    public function lib_function()
        // use it here

    public function another_func()
        // and here

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it was diffcult to understand ... please if you can make an example in my own code –  ahmedsaber111 Nov 3 '11 at 12:27

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