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I have an open Castle ActiveRecord SessionScope. I need to use the nhibernate session wrapped into SessionScope.

How can i retrieve the current NHibernate Session Object from SessionScope?

thank you very much for the replies.

[update] i have this code

    ISession session = SessionScope.Current.GetSession( );

but i don't know what pass to the GetSession parameter

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I think that the Activerecord SessionScope can handle multiple factories for different types, but if you are not utilizing that I think you would be good to pass in any type of class that is a persisted one:

ISession session = SessionScope.Current.GetSession( typeof ( YourClass ) );
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thanks @jishi but i have this error: the key isn't in the collection. –  manuellt Nov 3 '11 at 15:43
Are you using ActiveRecordFacility with Windsor? –  jishi Nov 4 '11 at 9:01
thank you @jishi, i'm not using ActiveRecordFacility with Windsor, but i tryed a solution, i tested it and goes fine. thank you again. –  manuellt Nov 4 '11 at 12:54

I resolved it with this code:

        ISessionFactoryHolder holder = ActiveRecordMediator.GetSessionFactoryHolder();
        ISessionScope activeScope = holder.ThreadScopeInfo.GetRegisteredScope();
        ISession session = null;
        var key = holder.GetSessionFactory(typeof(ActiveRecordBase));
        if (activeScope == null)
            session = holder.CreateSession(typeof(ActiveRecordBase));
            if (activeScope.IsKeyKnown(key))
                session = activeScope.GetSession(key);
                session = holder.GetSessionFactory(typeof(ActiveRecordBase)).OpenSession();
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