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How to get the sum of foreign key table as a value in the primary table row in a select statement?

Consider table 1:

id(PK)   name    description

 1       test1      desc1
 2       test2      desc2

Table 2 is:

id(FK)    value
 1         5
 1         6
 2         7
 2         8

The result for the SQL select statement should be like

id     name   desc    sum(value)
 1     test1  desc1        11
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  ( select 
    from table2 tt 
    where tt.id = t.id) sum_value
from table1 


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The most obvious way:

select p.id, p.name, p.description, sum(f.value)
from p join f on f.id = p.id
group by p.id, p.name, p.description

Or an alternative is to explicitly group the child values before joining (not sure if this syntax is correct for systems other than Oracle):

select p.id, p.name, p.description, fgroup.valuesum
from p join (select id,sum(value) valuesum from f group by id) fgroup
     on p.id = fgroup.id
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How about

SELECT T1.ID, T1.name, T1.description, SUM(T2.Value)
FROM Table1 T1
JOIN Table2 T2 ON T1.id = T2.ID
GROUP BY T1.ID, T1.name, T1.description

It might be worth reviewing the basics of JOINs if this sort of query is giving you trouble.

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