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I have a UserControl in my application which is stacked in a StackPanel. I want to undock the UserControl from the StackPanel via Drag&Drop and drop it somewhere else in my application. This works fine as long as I can intercept the DragOver, DragEnter,... events but when I drag my UserControl outside my application/window I get a "not possible" cursor.

How do I know when I'm outside of my window and how do I know when the drop operation has been performed? I could find anything I can hook in.

Thanks Martin

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Mhmmm the only possible way i know is to use something like a dock panel. It gives some controls from different companys like telerik or so on. If you use a dock panel you can drag and drop your user control at any place on the display. But im not sure if this the thing accomplish your requierement.

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Hi Kimbo. Visual Studio has such a behaviour. You can undock a tab and drop it somewhere on the desktop. I need to get behind the thing that is going on to intercept this. Thanks Martin –  msedi Nov 3 '11 at 18:13

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