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I have a requirement to run commands in the following order to automate the testing process:

cd "jakarta-jmeter-2.5.1\bin"
jmeter -n -t  "Cmd-Try-Shared-AQ.jmx" -l log.jtl -Jthreads=10
cd "../lib/ext"
java -jar JMeterPluginsCMD.jar --generate-csv test.csv --input-jtl log.jtl --plugin-type AggregateReport

After executing the JMeter command batch file terminates and does not process next command that is changing the current directory. I tried to troubleshoot by placing PAUSE to see if it reaches the next line but of no help, it simply terminates after executing the second command. If execute the same 4 commands manually one after the other they all execute fine.

Please help.

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Use "call jmeter -n -t ..." since it is another cmd file and Command Prompt requires calls.

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Andrey is right -- if jmeter is a batch file you must use "call". The reason is that if you call a batch file from another, the first one will exit after executing the 2nd one, unless it is called with "call".

Here's an example:


echo foo1


echo foo2

It seems like if you run Foo1.bat, it will spit out both "foo1" and "foo2" but it does not:



C:\temp>echo foo2

To change the behavior, Foo1.bat should look like this:


    call foo2.bat
    echo foo1
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If a Batch file is executed from another one via its name alone, the result es equivalent to a "goto to another file": when the second Batch file ends the whole execution ends. I call Overlay a Batch file executed this way, instead of Subroutine that was executed via call. – Aacini Nov 3 '11 at 17:22

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