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I need your help.. i have a dynamic query which returns data something in this format..

Item1  Item1Remarks  Item2  Item2Remarks  Item3  Item3Remarks  Item4  tem4Remarks
2      bla bla       5      bla bla       1      bla bla       4      bla bla

Item name can be vary (can be changed as data is dynamic). Item columns are containing Qty of Item.

Now i need data in this format.

Item    Qty Remarks
Item1   2   bla bla
Item2   5   bla bla
Item3   1   bla bla
Item4   4   bla bla

Please help and sorry for my BAD english..:( Thanks in advance

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Post your query if you really want help. –  JNK Nov 3 '11 at 13:11
Perhaps you can use this. stackoverflow.com/questions/7341143/… –  Mikael Eriksson Nov 3 '11 at 15:53

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See Using PIVOT and UNPIVOT on MSDN.

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To specifically answer your question, you basically need a complex multi-column UNPIVOT query such as:

SELECT Item, Qty, Remarks
FROM ItemDetail
UNPIVOT -- This UNPIVOT gives us the Item column
  Qty FOR Item IN (Item1, Item2, Item3, Item4)  
) TheItem  
UNPIVOT -- This UNPIVOT gives us the corresponding Remarks column
  Remarks FOR ItemRemarks IN (Item1Remarks, Item2Remarks, 
                              Item3Remarks, Item4Remarks)  
) Ct  
WHERE RIGHT(Item,1)=SUBSTRING(ItemRemarks,5,1) -- Match items with their remarks

You didn't specify the name of your table, so replace ItemDetail with its actual name.

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