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How would one go about handling a situation like this? Having more than one ViewModel having a reference to the same POCO object. ViewModel A updates the POCO... now ViewModel B needs to know about this somehow?

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Assuming that your POCO can't implement INotifyPropertyChanged, you could use a mediator pattern to alert other view models when a POCO is changed:

public interface ICareWhenAModelChanges<T>
    void ModelUpdated(T updatedModel);

public class ModelChangeMediator<T>
    private List<ICareWhenAModelChanges<T>> _listeners = new List<ICareWhenAModelChanges<T>>();

    public void Register(ICareWhenAModelChanges<T> listener)

    public void NotifyThatModelIsUpdated(T updatedModel)
        foreach (var listener in _listeners) listener.ModelUpdated(updatedModel);

Your view model can then implement the ICareWhenAModelChanges<T> interface, register itself with a shared instance of the mediator (acquired through either a singleton or, better, some kind of DI/IoC framework) and do whatever it needs to in the ModelUpdated method

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Prism comes shipped with an implementation of IEventAggregator ... it'd be a good framework to look at using or copying that part. –  m-y Nov 3 '11 at 13:49

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