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When I send a User, Application or a Page Access Token, I get the following error:

"error":  {
  "message": "(#100) Only the owner of the app may perform this operation.",
  "type": "OAuthException"

How can I obtain an application owner access token for application/staticresources Graph API's?

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I hate to even ask this, but is the user access token you're using the access token of an Admin of the app? It should be, as far as I can tell. You could also try the App Access Token, but the error message says it must be an app owner (== 'Admin' role)

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The user access Token which i'm using is the Admin of the App. – Deepti Kamalakar Nov 3 '11 at 15:48
Then this may be a bug, you should file it with facebook's bug tracker and include the user and app ids and the access token so we can check it out – Igy Nov 3 '11 at 15:52

You should get the right access token, when you perform a call to /owner_id/accounts (with manage_pages permission). in return you're getting access tokens for all of your apps.

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