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I have heard abt word JSON or JSON array. One programmer said me that it can be used for making website with multiple language. It is possible to encode data before inserting to database. So I want to insert data to database in 3 languages how can I do that with json?

$content=array("tr"=>"content in turkish","ru"=>"content in russian","en"=>"content in english")
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What you're referring to is i18n, though a keyed-array can be used to "Translate" items. e.g. <input type="submit" value="<?= $LANG['SUBMIT_BUTTON']; ?>" /> where $LANG = $LANGUAGES['en-us']. But JSON is just a standard for serializing data. –  Brad Christie Nov 3 '11 at 13:36

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You can have a look at json_decode and json_encode in the manual. It's unclear how such a serialization scheme would help you with localization however, and it certainly doesn't simplify dealing with database content.

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