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In my NLog configuration, I have a catch-all logger but a specific logger I have created is very spammy and I want its output to go to its own file. That part is easy, but the catch-all logger receives the spammy log messages as well. How do I tell the main logger to log everything but to exclude the spammy logger?

I'm using NLog 2.0.

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I think something like this is what you want:

<logger name="SpammyLogger" minlevel="Debug" writeTo="SpammyFileTarget" final="true" />  
<logger name="*" levels="Trace" writeTo="RegularFileTarget/" />  

Adding final="true" means that no more rules will be executed for the events produced by "SpammyLogger".(see

See this link for more NLog info that you might find helpful:

Most useful NLog configurations

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The order you defined the logger is important. If you were to define "*" before "SpammyLogger", the final attribute would be useless. Took sometime to figure that one out. – guiomie Aug 5 at 14:31
This all works fine as long as there is only one logger you want to exclude. But as soon as there are more, it is impossible to model this with logging rules. – bitbonk Aug 12 at 14:46

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