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I have an application where a user can drag many images onto a canvas. Some views are above other views. I want to save the images transforms, frames, and z-index. Where do I find the z-index of a view (in comparison with other views on the superview) so I can persist it. And then how to I restore all subviews to their proper z-index?

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The superview have an array of child, into which the child are in order from back 0 to top (number of child) and there is method to insert child at a certain index.

There is a section of method in the UIView documentation with method that look like this one:

- (void)insertSubview:(UIView *)view atIndex:(NSInteger)index
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Look like you are looking for the (set/get) zPosition of the views layer.

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Thanks. So do all objects within a certain superview have a zPosition that corresponds with the other objects in the superview? –  spentak Nov 3 '11 at 13:42
zPosition is a layer property, so you can access them in something like view.layer, and will works on any view sibiling, remember that any view has at least one layer. –  D33pN16h7 Nov 3 '11 at 13:44

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