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I am trying to parse Medline xml documents using iterparse in the xml.etree.ElementTree module. All is working well except that some of the text includes non-ascii characters. I do not see a way of handling unicode using findtext. Any suggestions?

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Have you tried opening the file with utf8 encoding flah:

fd = open('some.xml', mode='r', encoding='utf-8')

Or use decode:

fd = open('some.xml', mode='r')
sio = StringIO(fd.read().decode("utf-8"))
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I think this should work, but I'm still getting errors. Next step is to validate that the encoding is, indeed, UTF-8 –  seandavi Nov 3 '11 at 15:07
second solution works ok –  Manel Clos Jun 17 at 11:59

This was a very useful post in addition to the answer above.

Reading utf-8 characters from a gzip file in python

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