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Is it possible to get specific event from specific calendar?

I collect all events from calendar, save some events on device and then need to detect any changes of this events in source calendar. So I need some way to get events data from google calendar by its id. etag or something.

Is there any way to do so not collecting full events set again?

Thanks a lot!

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Here's what I use:

    # Gets the event with id $eventId from the calendar $calendar
function get_event_by_id_ex( $gdataCal, $eventId, $calendar='default' ){
if( !isset($eventId) )
    throw new Exception( INCORRECT_EVENT_ID );

    $query = $gdataCal->newEventQuery();

    $ctz = 'Europe/Lisbon';
    $query->setParam('ctz', $ctz);      

    $eventEntry = $gdataCal->getCalendarEventEntry($query);
catch (Zend_Gdata_App_Exception $e)
{   //var_dump($e); //DBUG
    throw new Exception( ERROR_ACCESSING_APPOINTMENT . ' (' .$eventId. ')' );

return $eventEntry;
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